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Economic View | David Hadley, CEO, Mediclinic Middle East

8 Jul 2019
David Hadley
What source markets comprise the largest shares of medical tourists to Dubai?

Economic Update | Emblemático proyecto ferroviario se plantea para reducir desigualdad regional en México

5 Jul 2019
Mexico rail transport
En un intento por impulsar el desarrollo de una de las áreas más pobres del país, México acelera la construcción de una esperada línea ferroviaria que conectará las costas del Pacífico y del...

Economic Update | How Oman is positioning itself as a regional logistics centre

4 Jul 2019
Oman logistics
As part of a broader strategy to diversify away from the energy sector and capitalise on its position at the centre of various global logistics supply chains, Oman is looking to integrate and expand...

Economic Update | La Côte d’Ivoire veut transformer son secteur touristique

2 Jul 2019
Côte d’Ivoire tourism
La Côte d’Ivoire, qui ambitionne de devenir le cinquième pays le plus visité d’Afrique d’ici 2025, passe à l’action avec l’annonce d’une stratégie officielle visant à accroître le nombre d’arrivées...

Economic Update | How a new ICT hub fits into broader plans to develop Nigeria’s tech sector

28 Jun 2019
Nigeria ICT
A new tech hub is poised to give a significant boost to Nigeria’s ICT sector, attracting engineering talent, developing local education and prompting continued investment in infrastructure.

Economic Update | The entertainment and leisure developments driving Kuwait’s real estate expansion

28 Jun 2019
Kuwait real estate
Kuwait has continued the expansion and diversification of its real estate sector, with progress being made on a series of new mixed-use and entertainment-focused developments.