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Economic Update | Le Maroc se tourne vers le bio pour développer son secteur agricole

6 Mar 2019
Morocco organic agriculture
Le Maroc s’emploie actuellement à accroître la visibilité de son agriculture biologique au sein du royaume comme à l’étranger dans un contexte de demande en hausse, le développement du secteur étant...

Economic Update | Where investors see challenges and opportunities amid Dubai’s falling real estate prices

28 Feb 2019
Dubai real estate
Real estate prices in Dubai have continued to fall on the back of oversupply and ongoing development, with the trends posing both challenges and opportunities to the emirate’s economy moving forward.

Economic Update | Bahrain's aluminium industry is meeting rising international demand

28 Feb 2019
Bahrain aluminium production
Enhanced capacity at Bahrain’s largest industrial facility is set to boost downstream manufacturing opportunities and increase industry’s share of GDP.

Economic Update | How the private sector and SMEs stand to benefit from Oman’s long-term economic plans

28 Feb 2019
Oman Vision 2040
Oman will continue to prioritise greater private sector integration into the economy as outlined in the draft Vision 2040 social and economic framework, which places specific emphasis on small and...

Economic Update | How new investments will drive a rebound in Papua New Guinea’s mining sector

28 Feb 2019
PNG Mining
A raft of foreign capital investments across new and existing mines in Papua New Guinea are set to boost production and lead to a rebound in government revenues; however, there are concerns proposed...

Economic Update | Can Egypt become an automotive manufacturing hub?

28 Feb 2019
Egypt automotive industry
Egypt is expanding its automotive industry following a series of new developments aimed at boosting domestic production capacity.