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Economic Update | The Philippines’ plan to tap Islamic banking potential

31 Oct 2019
Philippines Islamic banking
A new law supporting the development of Islamic finance has been introduced in the Philippines, in a move expected to boost financial inclusion and investment opportunities.

Economic Update | Los planes de Perú para aumentar las exportaciones agrícolas

29 Oct 2019
Peru agriculture
Los funcionarios de agricultura del Perú estiman que las exportaciones de ese sector continuarán creciendo significativamente durante los próximos años, debido al aumento de la demanda de los...

Economic View | Ellen Hagan, CEO, L’aine Services

28 Oct 2019
Ellen Hagan
How do you expect Ghana’s outsourcing industry to develop?

Economic Update | The infrastructure upgrades driving Indonesia’s digital economy

25 Oct 2019
Indonesia digital economy
A series of new digital infrastructure projects are strengthening Indonesia’s ICT sector, as the country prioritises the digital economy as an area of growth.

Economic View | Maqbool Al Saleh, Chairman, OHI Group of Companies

24 Oct 2019
Maqbool Al Saleh
How would you assess the government’s privatisation initiatives, and what role have public-private partnerships (PPPs) played in these?

Economic Update | The unprecedented move designed to stimulate Sri Lanka’s economy

16 Oct 2019
Sri Lanka economy
As part of efforts to stimulate the economy, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has taken the unprecedented step of ordering lenders to reduce their interest rates.