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Economic Update | Indonesia boosts domestic palm oil consumption as currency pressures mount

18 Oct 2018
Regulations mandating the use of palm oil in diesel fuel could help ease Indonesia’s dependence on energy imports and stabilise the local currency, while improving prospects for local palm oil...

Economic Update | Control of Philippines’ Wholesale Electricity Spot Market moves to independent operator

18 Oct 2018
Philippines electricity market
The Philippines’ electricity market has undergone major reform, with the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) passing from state control to a newly formed independent body.

Economic Update | Competitiveness and business environment see Dubai climb global financial rankings

18 Oct 2018
Dubai financial services
Dubai has improved its standing as one of the world’s top financial hubs and reinforced its position as a key regional centre for banking services, according to a recent survey on the global finance...

Economic Update | Myanmar plans first oil and gas bids since 2014

18 Oct 2018
Myanmar oil and gas exploration
New bids for oil and gas exploration and development rights on a series of blocks, along with reforms to joint-venture requirements, are expected to stoke renewed interest in Myanmar’s energy sector...

Economic View | Carl Cruz, Chairman, Unilever Sri Lanka

17 Oct 2018
Carl Cruz
How can Sri Lanka reverse the trend of sluggish consumption in the short to medium term? 

Economic Update | El aumento en las ventas augura un buen futuro al comercio minorista de Colombia

10 Oct 2018
Colombia retail
Durante los primeros cinco meses del año, las ventas al por menor en Colombia se han incrementado gracias al aumento de la confianza de los consumidores, con un mercado sólido que continúa atrayendo...