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Economic Update | UNESCO World Heritage listing to support Saudi cultural tourism

14 Aug 2018
Saudi Arabia Tourism
Saudi Arabia’s heritage tourism credentials were given a boost in late June, following UNESCO’s decision to add Al Ahsa Oasis to its list of World Heritage sites.

Economic Update | Abu Dhabi reduces hotel and visa fees to boost growth

14 Aug 2018
Abu Dhabi tourism
Recent moves by the Abu Dhabi and UAE governments to waive or reduce hotel and visa fees are expected to bolster the emirate’s increasingly active tourism sector and pave the way for more investment.

Economic Update | Maritime capacity undergoing expansion in Oman

13 Aug 2018
Oman Maritime
Oman is strengthening its maritime cargo-handling capacity and support services through a series of new investments, reinforcing its credentials as a regional logistics hub.

Economic View | Martín Mura, Minister of Economy and Finance, City of Buenos Aires

8 Aug 2018
Martín Mura
What is the role of the private sector in the city’s infrastructure development through public-private partnerships (PPPs)?

Economic View | Jeremy Hodara, Co-CEO, Jumia Group

8 Aug 2018
Jeremy Hodara
How are e-commerce platforms adapting to Egypt’s recent economic and regulatory reforms?

Economic Update | Increased public spending to support upgrade of Nigerian transport infrastructure

6 Aug 2018
Nigeria Transport
Nigeria’s transport sector is set to benefit from increased spending under the newly ratified federal budget, spurring improvements to road and rail infrastructure, and providing opportunities for...