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Economic Update | The unprecedented move designed to stimulate Sri Lanka’s economy

16 Oct 2019
Sri Lanka economy
As part of efforts to stimulate the economy, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has taken the unprecedented step of ordering lenders to reduce their interest rates.

Economic Update | ICT expansion to position Oman as regional digital services leader

16 Oct 2019
Oman ICT
Oman is looking to strengthen its position as a digital services leader in the region, with a series of new developments designed to bolster the ICT sector.

Economic View | Yousef Al Nowais, Chairman and Managing Director, Arab Development Company

15 Oct 2019
Yousef Al Nowais
Describe the role played by the private sector in terms of attracting international investment.

Economic View | Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia

15 Oct 2019
Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad
Which main structural challenges to the Malaysian economy are being addressed by the government’s Shared Prosperity Vision 2030?

Economic Update | Will Ghana’s financial sector clean-up build a stronger banking system?

14 Oct 2019
Ghana banking
The Ghanaian authorities have continued their efforts to clean up the country’s financial sector following a fresh round of financial institution closures.

Economic View | Ibrahim Yousef Ramel, CEO, Saaed

3 Oct 2019
Ibrahim Yousef Ramel
To what extent do you see an opportunity to integrate Saaed’s offerings with government services in the short to medium term?