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Economic Update | Coup de fouet pour l’agro-industrie ivoirienne avec le développement d’unités de transformation des matières premières

22 Feb 2019
Côte d’Ivoire agro-processing
La Côte d’Ivoire s’emploie actuellement à maximiser le rendement de son secteur agricole grâce au développement d’unités de transformation des matières premières.

Economic Update | Indonesia real estate market expands as residential construction hits new heights

22 Feb 2019
Indonesia real estate
For the first time since its inception, the Indonesian government’s One Million Houses (OMH) programme has hit its goal of constructing at least 1m units per year, with 1.13m built in 2018 as part of...

Economic Update | Nuevas reformas fiscales aumentan atractivo de Colombia para nuevas inversiones

22 Feb 2019
Colombia fiscal reforms
Colombia inició el 2019 aplicando nuevas reformas tributarias y fiscales, diseñadas para estimular la inversión nacional y extranjera, aunque existe la preocupación de que algunas medidas puedan...

Economic Update | How the private sector can benefit from rising energy demand in the Philippines

20 Feb 2019
Philippines LNG
The private sector is accelerating efforts to meet rising energy demand in the Philippines, with liquefied natural gas (LNG) import and processing capacity being fast-tracked as domestic supplies...

Economic Update | Creation of new ministry part of Myanmar’s plan to incentivise FDI

13 Feb 2019
Myanmar FDI
In an attempt to reverse a recent decline in foreign investment, Myanmar has set up a new ministry tasked with attracting and facilitating fresh inflows, though concerns over the re-imposition of...

Economic View | Karim Madwar, Africa Managing Director, Metito

11 Feb 2019
Karim Madwar
What is being done to meet Egypt’s rising demand for potable water?