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Economic View | Lee Ark Boon, CEO, International Enterprise Singapore

31 Oct 2017
Lee Ark Boon
What do you think is driving the growing infrastructure gaps throughout emerging and developing economies in Asia?

Economic Update | Investors in Vietnam’s mining industry look for long-term returns

27 Oct 2017
Vietnam mining
Although fluctuations in international demand and pricing have put pressure on returns from Vietnam’s mining industry, the sector remains a magnet for foreign direct investment (FDI), a sign of...

Economic Update | Vietnam’s insurance sector sees robust growth despite low penetration

27 Sep 2017
Vietnam Insurance
Increased product awareness and an expanding economy are fuelling demand in Vietnam’s insurance industry, as the government seeks to attract overseas investors to the market.

Economic Update | Shifts in Vietnam’s trading relationships offer opportunities

28 Aug 2017
Vietnam Trade
Increased demand for Vietnamese exports abroad and a rise in investment-driven imports has caused substantial change in the country’s trade patterns, something an upcoming trade deal with the EU...

Economic Update | Vietnam tourism arrival numbers up in first half 2017

20 Jul 2017
Vietnam Tourism
New air routes and relaxed visa restrictions in Vietnam are boosting foreign arrivals and supporting growth in the country’s tourism industry, though there are concerns that overexploitation of...

Economic Update | Vietnam courts foreign investment in an expanding logistics sector

30 Jun 2017
Vietnam Logistics
With a rapidly expanding economy, the capacity for growth in both domestic and international trade is increasing Vietnam’s appeal to foreign operators in the logistics sector.