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Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago gas finds to fire energy sector growth

21 Jul 2017
Trindad and Tobago Energy
New offshore gas discoveries and plans to increase upstream investment should boost confidence in Trinidad and Tobago’s energy sector, which has been impacted in recent years by falling prices and...

Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago seeks to leverage broadband in diversification efforts

23 Jun 2017
Trinidad and Tobago ICT
A national drive is gaining pace in Trinidad and Tobago to prioritise access to data services as an engine for economic growth, part of wider plans to reduce the country’s reliance on hydrocarbons.

Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago sharpens focus on film

15 May 2017
Trinidad and Tobago Film
Plans to reinforce human resource and hard infrastructure capacity, along with the development of a medium-term strategy and the strengthening of a competitive incentive regime, could help position...

Economic Update | Affordable housing and construction reforms on the agenda in Trinidad and Tobago

21 Apr 2017
TandT construction
Increased investment in low-cost housing, improved access to home loans and streamlined procedures for building applications should feed into a stronger performance from Trinidad and Tobago’s...

Economic Update | Mixed prospects for Trinidad and Tobago’s economy

29 Mar 2017
Trinidad and Tobago Economy
As the outlook for the energy sector improves, there are signs that broader economic activity could pick up this year as well.

Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago sharpens focus on value-added agriculture

27 Feb 2017
T&T Agriculture
Increased state investment and new incentives for the private sector to encourage expansion in Trinidad and Tobago’s agro-processing industry, while also spurring growth in primary production.