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Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago: Year in Review 2017

27 Dec 2017
Trinidad and Tobago: Year in Review 2017
Continuing lower returns from the energy industry and slowing activity in the private sector saw Trinidad and Tobago’s economy shrink in 2017; however, an increase in gas output and widespread reform...

Economic Update | Wide-ranging tax reforms to boost Trinidad and Tobago’s revenue collection

28 Nov 2017
T&T tax
Trinidad and Tobago is enacting sweeping changes to its tax system, with the government to establish a new revenue authority and implement a series of reforms as part of efforts to bolster state...

Economic Update | Cruise ship arrivals spur tourism growth in Trinidad and Tobago

31 Oct 2017
Trinidad and Tobago tourism
Trinidad and Tobago has received a boost in its efforts to expand tourism, with the number of cruise ships visiting the country expected to increase by 50% in the near term.

Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago accelerates use of natural gas for automotive industry

26 Sep 2017
A large-scale incentives programme and stronger infrastructure backbone are driving government plans to promote vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).

Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago calls for greater investment to trigger manufacturing rebound

18 Aug 2017
TandT manufacturing
Innovation, investment and incentives have been highlighted as key to unlocking Trinidad and Tobago’s manufacturing revival, with the government urging greater private sector investment to help boost...

Economic Update | Trinidad and Tobago gas finds to fire energy sector growth

21 Jul 2017
Trindad and Tobago Energy
New offshore gas discoveries and plans to increase upstream investment should boost confidence in Trinidad and Tobago’s energy sector, which has been impacted in recent years by falling prices and...