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Economic Update | Liberalisation to create new opportunities in Malaysia’s insurance sector

25 Sep 2017
Malaysia insurance
Ongoing reforms in Malaysia’s insurance industry should increase competition and cut premiums costs for consumers, though a flatter economy has seen revenues dip as the market adjusts to a newly...

Economic Update | Reforms in Myanmar pave the way for health care investment

31 Aug 2017
Myanmar Health Care
Higher state spending and moves to liberalise investment laws should further boost foreign investment in Myanmar’s health care sector, as the country pushes to implement its first development plan...

Economic Update | Thailand’s economic growth set to accelerate

29 Aug 2017
Thailand Economy
Solid growth in exports, combined with a gradual improvement in domestic demand, has prompted an upward revision of Thailand’s economic outlook by the central bank.

Economic Update | Indonesia seeking greater funding for R&D

29 Aug 2017
Indonesia research and development
International support and competitive regulatory policies in key growth areas, such as stem cell research, are helping drive development in Indonesia’s nascent research and development (R&D)...

Economic Update | Philippines signs executive order to streamline approval of energy projects

29 Aug 2017
Philippines Energy
Major energy projects in the Philippines are set to receive a substantial boost following changes to the approval system, with new reforms expected to dramatically speed up implementation.

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea’s coffee industry launches pest prevention efforts

28 Aug 2017
PNG Coffee
External threats such as pest infestation and adverse weather conditions could reduce earnings prospects for Papua New Guinea’s coffee industry this year, despite efforts to improve output and...