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Economic Update | Thailand’s retailers adapting to changing consumption patterns

6 Nov 2017
Thailand retail
New retail legislation, combined with developments in consumer purchasing habits, are set to impact activity in Thailand’s retail sector, particularly the food and drink segment.

Economic Update | The Philippines looks to foreign investment to liberalise trade

31 Oct 2017
Philippines trade
With an eye on reversing a dip in foreign direct investment (FDI), the Philippines has proposed a series of reforms aimed at increasing trade liberalisation.

Economic Update | Sri Lanka’s luxury property market set for increase in supply

31 Oct 2017
Sri Lanka real estate
The high-end segment of Sri Lanka’s residential real estate sector looks to be heading towards a period of consolidation and flat returns on the back of a sharp increase in supply.

Economic View | Lee Ark Boon, CEO, International Enterprise Singapore

31 Oct 2017
Lee Ark Boon
What do you think is driving the growing infrastructure gaps throughout emerging and developing economies in Asia?

Economic Update | Myanmar looks to catalyse river transport as growth driver

30 Oct 2017
Myanmar transport
Proposals to encourage investment in Myanmar’s inland waterways could help ease road congestion, as well as provide a cost-efficient route to economic development.

Economic Update | Investors in Vietnam’s mining industry look for long-term returns

27 Oct 2017
Vietnam mining
Although fluctuations in international demand and pricing have put pressure on returns from Vietnam’s mining industry, the sector remains a magnet for foreign direct investment (FDI), a sign of...