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Economic Update | PNG logistics to benefit from transport infrastructure upgrades

30 Nov 2017
PNG transport
Increased investment in transport infrastructure is expected to provide a boost to Papua New Guinea’s logistics sector, with new, long-term projects set to improve connectivity and support government...

Economic Update | Despite recent growth, tourism in Myanmar faces near-term challenges

29 Nov 2017
Myanmar tourism
Myanmar’s tourism sector performed strongly in the first half of 2017; however, concerns over internal conflict have raised questions over investment and visitor numbers in the near future.

Economic Update | Investment in Indonesian tech start-ups reaches $3bn year-to-date

28 Nov 2017
Indonesia fintech
Indonesia’s tech start-ups have been catching the eye of investors, having raised close to $3bn in funding in the year to September 13, a substantial increase on the $631m received in 2016.

Economic Update | Digital economy in the spotlight as Malaysia commits to tech expansion and education

27 Nov 2017
Malaysia digital economy
Malaysia has taken another step towards expanding its digital economy, with the newly tabled 2018 budget containing a series of initiatives designed to promote growth in tech companies and ICT skills...

Economic Update | The Philippines records highest foreign investment growth in ASEAN

22 Nov 2017
Philippines FDI
On the back of efforts to encourage more international business activity, the Philippines registered the highest rate of foreign direct investment (FDI) growth in the ASEAN region last year, with the...

Economic View | Chris Bendl, CEO, Zurich Topas Life

22 Nov 2017
Chris Bendl
What is your assessment of the potential for Indonesia’s life insurance market?