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Economic Update | Indonesia turns to Latin America to diversify trade portfolio

22 Feb 2018
Indonesia foreign trade
After achieving a foreign trade surplus last year on the back of strong demand for minerals and agricultural products, Indonesia is looking to sustain growth by building ties with new markets, as...

Economic Update | Regulatory reforms set to heighten real estate activity in Myanmar

21 Feb 2018
Myanmar real estate
Hopes are high that a move in recent weeks to clarify regulations governing the sale and development of condominiums in Myanmar will boost demand for real estate in 2018.

Economic View | Dato’ Sri Nazir Razak, Chairman, CIMB Group

14 Feb 2018
Dato’ Sri Nazir Razak
You stated your view that Brexit proves ASEAN’s gradual integration approach is right. What tangible goals can be achieved in the short run?

Economic Update | Infrastructure investment in the Philippines set to drive growth

14 Feb 2018
Philippines infrastructure
The Philippines has kicked off its 2018 infrastructure programme with the launch of a headline transport project, with additional investments set to support GDP growth moving forward.

Economic Update | Export tax freeze to support Malaysian palm oil industry

13 Feb 2018
Malaysia palm oil exports
Malaysia has introduced temporary measures aimed at boosting palm oil exports and reducing stockpiles amid a slump in commodity prices.

Economic Update | Sri Lanka: Year In Review 2017

25 Jan 2018
Sri Lanka: Year In Review 2017
An upturn in exports and investment helped counter weaker output from Sri Lanka’s agricultural sector in 2017, facilitating steady growth overall and raising prospects of further gains this