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Economic Update | Dubai taps into halal tourism

23 Sep 2016
Dubai tourism
Increased investment – from sharia-compliant accommodation to consumer goods – is helping Dubai position itself as a key player in the rapidly expanding global halal travel industry.

Economic Update | Dubai grows entrepreneurship through technology

27 Jul 2016
Dubai tech
A solid regulatory base, strong government support and rising demand from a young population are fuelling Dubai’s efforts to foster technology-driven entrepreneurship.

Economic View | John Brash, Founder and CEO, Brash Brands, on the role of branding and the diversification of Gulf economies

6 Jul 2016
John Brash
John Brash: Diversification has been a deliberate policy of GCC governments for some time. The drop in hydrocarbon revenues actually shows this to have been apt and robust. So while the doom-and-...

Economic Update | Dubai’s educational rankings on the rise

22 Jun 2016
Dubai education
Rising standards and increasing competition are driving improvements in Dubai’s private education system while also generating stronger revenue streams and laying firmer foundations for sector growth...

Economic Update | Dubai’s shift to digital retail

17 May 2016
Dubai retail
Online shopping is expected to drive retail growth in Dubai in the coming years, though migration toward e-payment remains a stumbling block for some consumers. 

Economic Update | Dubai pursues ambitious public transport targets

22 Apr 2016
Dubai transport
A campaign to reduce congestion on Dubai’s roads and encourage greater use of public transport looks to be yielding results.