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Economic Update | Nigeria ramps up support for smaller-scale businesses

30 May 2017
Nigeria Banking
The licensing of a new state-owned SME bank in Nigeria should address a longstanding key obstacle to broad-based growth in Africa’s largest economy.

Economic Update | Efforts to foster sustainable rice production gain traction

28 Apr 2017
Nigeria Agriculture
Nigeria has long relied on imports to help supply its significant rice demand; however, efforts to support small-scale famers through training and improved access to credit are expected to boost...

Economic Update | Moves to tackle affordable housing shortage in Nigeria

30 Mar 2017
Nigeria Real Estate
In the face of a housing deficit that numbers millions of units, Nigeria is working to increase home ownership by improving access to credit and reducing development costs for low-income housing.

Economic Update | Nigeria reasserts itself as Africa’s top oil producer

28 Feb 2017
Nigeria oil production
A combination of external factors should help Nigeria maintain elevated oil production over the short term, with the government hoping to further enhance output through a long awaited overhaul of the...

Economic Update | Nigeria Year in Review 2016

17 Jan 2017
Nigeria Economy
Lower hydrocarbons revenues, tight capital controls and currency volatility combined to make 2016 a challenging year for Nigeria.

Economic Update | Nigeria rolling out investment incentives to improve power generation

30 Nov 2016
Nigeria utilities
Three years after the start of Nigeria’s power privatisation programme, the government is looking to burnish the attractiveness of the sector by providing a range of new incentives and guarantees.