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Economic Update | Saudi housing market under pressure

22 Dec 2014
Saudi RE
House prices in Saudi Arabia are expected to rise further on the back of high demand for homes and a slow rollout of developments, with figures suggesting housing requirements will continue to...

Economic Update | Saudi Arabia powering up

18 Nov 2014
Saudi solar
The first wave of state-backed solar power stations in Saudi were recently unveiled as part of a much larger commitment to diversify the Kingdom’s electricity generation capacity. 

Economic Update | Saudi Arabia outlines plans for a more open market

9 Sep 2014
Plans for new regulations on direct foreign investment in the Saudi Arabian stock market have been outlined, setting out requirements and limits for oversees buyers seeking to buy into the region’s...

Economic Update | Saudi insurance market remains tight

11 Jul 2014
The crowded insurance sector in Saudi Arabia has come under pressure with low penetration rates and rising costs, highlighting the difficulties for smaller firms in the industry to maintain market...

Economic Update | Positive outlook for Saudi banks

3 Apr 2014
High levels of client confidence and strong economic growth are expected to drive banking sector expansion in Saudi Arabia this year and beyond, with lending activity projected to rise to match...

Economic Update | Saudi Arabia’s city of phosphate

2 Mar 2014
A new phosphate mining and processing mega-project is set to improve Saudi Arabia’s access to the global fertiliser market, but a potential excess of international supply may extend the period before...