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Economic Update | Saudi Arabia Year in Review 2015

24 Dec 2015
Saudi YER
Falling oil revenues and an expanding budget deficit were the hallmarks of Saudi Arabia’s economic activity in 2015, as heavy investment in development projects widened the Kingdom’s spending gap. 

Economic Update | Full foreign ownership of retail and wholesale businesses now permitted in Saudi Arabia

23 Nov 2015
Saudi retail
New regulations are set to expand international investor access to Saudi Arabia next year, when a landmark move allowing full foreign ownership of key retail and wholesale businesses takes effect.

Economic Update | Health care development remains a priority in Saudi Arabia

13 Oct 2015
Saudi health
While falling oil revenues have prompted plans to scale back or reschedule some of Saudi Arabia’s programmes, the government has signalled that health projects will remain largely protected.

Economic Update | Saudi Arabia to strengthen defences against cyberattacks

30 Sep 2015
Saudi ICT
Cybersecurity has come to the fore in the Kingdom after a recent spate of breaches, underscoring the need for greater investment in protective measures and skills development to help thwart hackers.

Economic Update | Saudi Arabia returns to the bond market

17 Aug 2015
The recent return to the bond market by Saudi Arabia marks a significant shift in government policy as the world's biggest oil exporter taps capital markets to cover budgetary shortfalls and balance...

Economic Update | Saudi Arabia gets ahead in e-learning curve

29 Jul 2015
Saudi education
An increased emphasis on e-learning in Saudi Arabia’s education system, coupled with targets to modernise teaching methods, underpin a wider drive to diversify the economy away from oil and create...