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Economic Update | Saudi Arabia implements tax to encourage property development

27 Jul 2016
Saudi real estate
Recent measures to levy a tax on empty plots of land in Saudi Arabia are intended to kick-start the residential property sector and tackle the Kingdom’s housing shortage.

Economic Update | Saudi Arabia to revamp tourism sector

5 Jul 2016
Saudi tourism
Tourism is set to take on a pivotal role in the Saudi Arabian economy, with business, leisure and faith-based travel all identified as vehicles to raise the industry’s profile and generate both...

Economic Update | Vision 2030 heralds change in Saudi Arabia

28 May 2016
Saudi econ
Reforms aimed at opening up Saudi Arabia to investment and encouraging private sector participation are moving forward, even as further details of the Kingdom’s long-term National Transformation Plan...

Economic Update | Saudi Arabia to extend downstream reach

12 Apr 2016
Saudi energy
Steps taken by national oil giant Saudi Aramco to consolidate some of its downstream assets, most notably in the US market, appear to be laying the groundwork for an initial public offering (IPO) and...

Economic Update | Airport privatisation gathers speed in Saudi Arabia

27 Mar 2016
Saudi aviation
Plans for the privatisation of Saudi Arabia’s airports and aviation services are advancing, with the state aiming for full private sector ownership by 2020.

Economic Update | Saudi Arabian industries feel the pinch

21 Feb 2016
Saudi industry
A continued scaling back on energy, feedstock and utilities subsidies is likely to impact earnings in Saudi Arabia’s industrial sector, potentially reducing its long-held competitive edge.