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Economic Update | Kenya looks to greater generation capacity

30 Jul 2015
Kenya energy
Efforts to add more than 5000 MW of electricity generation capacity in Kenya – part of a push to improve electrification rates to 70% of households by 2017 – are leading to a jump in renewable...

Economic Update | Kenya faces cement wars as demand surges

19 Jun 2015
Kenya cement
Despite high demand for cement in Kenya, profit margins in the sector remain under pressure, as competition ramps up.  

Economic Update | Kenya aims to work the land harder

21 May 2015
kenya crop
A number of initiatives to improve irrigation and fertiliser supplies are under way in Kenya to boost productivity as the country looks to expand its primary agricultural output to ensure food...

Economic Update | No sign of Kenya’s property market running out of steam

21 Apr 2015
Kenya housing
With demand for real estate in Nairobi sending property prices soaring on the back of rapid urbanisation, nearby counties are also seeing an uptick in activity as developers look to channel funds...

Economic Update | Kenya flies high with airport expansions

24 Mar 2015
kenya airport
A number of capital upgrades at Kenya’s airports this year should help improve passenger capacity and airline access, increasing the country’s ability to handle more traffic every year.

Economic Update | Strong M&A activity expected in Kenya insurance sector

19 Feb 2015
Kenya insurance
The insurance industry in Kenya is expected to see a round of consolidation this year, as operators in the fast-growing sector look to not only increase market share but meet higher capital...