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Economic Update | Regulatory reforms set to heighten real estate activity in Myanmar

21 Feb 2018
Myanmar real estate
Hopes are high that a move in recent weeks to clarify regulations governing the sale and development of condominiums in Myanmar will boost demand for real estate in 2018.

Economic View | Mai Trang Thanh, President, Honeywell Indochina

11 Jan 2018
Mai Trang Thanh
Given Myanmar’s current stage of economic development, which sectors do you consider to be ripe for foreign investment?  

Economic Update | Myanmar: Year in Review 2017

10 Jan 2018
Myanmar: Year in Review 2017
Building on positive performances in recent years, Myanmar’s economy is set to continue gaining momentum in the near and medium term, despite concerns over the slow pace of economic reforms.

Economic Update | Despite recent growth, tourism in Myanmar faces near-term challenges

29 Nov 2017
Myanmar tourism
Myanmar’s tourism sector performed strongly in the first half of 2017; however, concerns over internal conflict have raised questions over investment and visitor numbers in the near future.

Economic View | Lee Ark Boon, CEO, International Enterprise Singapore

31 Oct 2017
Lee Ark Boon
What do you think is driving the growing infrastructure gaps throughout emerging and developing economies in Asia?

Economic Update | Myanmar looks to catalyse river transport as growth driver

30 Oct 2017
Myanmar transport
Proposals to encourage investment in Myanmar’s inland waterways could help ease road congestion, as well as provide a cost-efficient route to economic development.