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Economic View | Lee Ark Boon, CEO, International Enterprise Singapore

31 Oct 2017
Lee Ark Boon
What do you think is driving the growing infrastructure gaps throughout emerging and developing economies in Asia?

Economic Update | Mongolia looks to develop its downstream oil industry

7 Mar 2017
Mongolia oil energy
A plan to develop oil refining capabilities could see Mongolia enhance its energy security, curb its energy import bill and broaden the scope of its manufacturing industry.

Economic Update | Mongolia Year in Review 2016

15 Dec 2016
Mongolia Year in Review 2016
Slower economic growth and rising debt levels were the main themes of the past year, though Mongolia’s new government is acting to restore foreign investor confidence while seeking to curb the...

Economic Update | Upturn in Mongolia offers hope of rebound

13 Sep 2016
Mongolia mining
Rising debt levels and a cooling economy are among the challenges facing Mongolia’s new government; however, signs of modest recovery are apparent in some sectors of the resource-rich nation. 

Economic Update | Mongolia’s banks eye brighter outlook

23 Jun 2016
Mongolia banking
Cheaper credit and signs of long-awaited movement in Mongolia’s mining industry are fuelling hopes of a rebound in the country’s banking sector.

Economic Update | Mongolia’s livestock industry hit by harsh winter

22 Mar 2016
Mongolia agro
With a combination of extreme summer drought and severe winter chill taking its toll on Mongolia’s livestock industry, the country is looking to financial incentives and targeted investment to...