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Economic Update | Increased investment in port expansions to drive Oman’s logistics sector

21 Nov 2016
Oman transport and logistics
Oman is looking to boost investment in its transport and logistics sector, one of five pillars targeted under the country’s Ninth Five-Year Development Plan (2016-20).

Economic Update | Oman to revamp investment legislation and incentives

29 Oct 2016
Oman investment
Oman is taking a number of steps to attract investors to the sultanate in a bid to diversify its economy away from a reliance on hydrocarbons.

Economic Update | Increased investment to boost Oman’s tourism sector

29 Sep 2016
Oman tourism
Oman is pressing ahead with a number of new developments in its tourism sector as part of a drive to diversify its economy amid a backdrop of sustained low global energy prices.

Economic Update | Oman’s property market sees price recalibration

22 Aug 2016
Oman real estate
After posting robust growth in 2015, Oman’s real estate sector has seen prices decline early this year, though sales remain strong in certain segments of the market.

Economic Update | Oman returns to international bond markets

22 Jul 2016
Oman bonds
A return to the international bond market, combined with fiscal reforms and an increase in oil prices, is bolstering government efforts to bridge Oman’s budget deficit.

Economic Update | Islamic finance expanding its footprint in Oman

26 Jun 2016
Oman banking
Recent regulations on sukuk (Islamic bonds) are helping drive growth in Oman’s Islamic banking sector, with sharia-compliant lenders gaining ground.