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Economic Update | Oman: Year in Review 2017

16 Jan 2018
Oman: Year in Review 2017
Stronger oil prices offset lower energy production in Oman, as the government moved to accelerate fiscal reforms and broaden its revenue base.

Economic Update | New labs to unlock growth in Oman’s fisheries sector

30 Nov 2017
Oman fisheries
Plans to accelerate development of the Omani fisheries industry are gaining pace, with a series of temporary labs designed to help operators overcome challenges.

Economic Update | Oman completes privatisation of municipal waste management

25 Oct 2017
Oman waste management
With big plans for the modernisation of its waste management operations under way, including a transfer of the existing national infrastructure to international operators, Oman is nearing completion...

Economic Update | Oman sees rewards by focusing on high-end tourism

30 Aug 2017
Oman Tourism
Broad-based appeal and a growing reputation as an attractive destination for key markets suggest Oman could comfortably meet its long-term targets for the tourism industry, which include increasing...

Economic Update | Demographics and reforms expected to benefit Oman’s real estate sector

27 Jul 2017
Oman Real Estate
While real estate transaction figures continue to reflect a more cautious macroeconomic environment, potential reforms could pave the way for Oman’s property market to regain some of its dynamism...

Economic Update | First-quarter figures show increase in money supply at Oman’s banks

28 Jun 2017
Oman Banking
Central Bank of Oman (CBO) statistics show an upswing in money supply among the nation’s banks in the first quarter of 2017, with total deposits to conventional banks rising by 4.2% to OR19.02bn ($49...