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Economic Update | Egypt Year in Review 2015

28 Jan 2016
Egypt YER
The year 2015 brought welcome stabilisation and recovery to Egypt, after a difficult post-revolution period marked by continued upheaval and sluggish growth. 

Economic Update | Egypt looks to Suez for ICT expansion

28 Dec 2015
Egypt ICT
With the $8bn expansion of the Suez Canal now complete, Egypt is looking to stimulate activity in the surrounding area, with the ICT sector one of the main focal points.

Economic Update | Two-tiered real estate demand in Egypt

30 Nov 2015
Egypt RE
With economic growth steadily picking up, real estate developers in Egypt are looking to opportunities at opposite ends of the real estate spectrum, with a range of both affordable and luxury housing...

Economic Update | Positive signals for Egypt’s FMCG sector

29 Oct 2015
Egypt FMCG
In a year marked by major acquisitions, Egypt’s food manufacturing industry is preparing for a round of new listings, as companies look to finance their expansion plans on the back of a more...

Economic Update | Healthy prospects for Egypt’s chemicals and plastics sector

30 Sep 2015
Egypt industry
Egypt’s chemicals and plastics sector is becoming an increasingly important contributor to industrial output and exports. With demand being driven by agriculture and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG...

Economic Update | Egypt looks for long-term payoff on the New Suez Canal

26 Aug 2015
Egypt canal
The expansion of Egypt’s strategically vital Suez Canal, completed in early August, could be a significant step towards solidifying its position as a logistics and trade centre, leveraging its...