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Economic Update | Indonesia turns to Latin America to diversify trade portfolio

22 Feb 2018
Indonesia foreign trade
After achieving a foreign trade surplus last year on the back of strong demand for minerals and agricultural products, Indonesia is looking to sustain growth by building ties with new markets, as...

Economic Update | Indonesia: Year in Review 2017

19 Dec 2017
Indonesia: Year in Review 2017
Solid growth, supported by strong investment flows, should put Indonesia on a firm footing going into the new year, despite a slight drop in expectations.

Economic Update | Investment in Indonesian tech start-ups reaches $3bn year-to-date

28 Nov 2017
Indonesia fintech
Indonesia’s tech start-ups have been catching the eye of investors, having raised close to $3bn in funding in the year to September 13, a substantial increase on the $631m received in 2016.

Economic View | Chris Bendl, CEO, Zurich Topas Life

22 Nov 2017
Chris Bendl
What is your assessment of the potential for Indonesia’s life insurance market?

Economic View | Lee Ark Boon, CEO, International Enterprise Singapore

31 Oct 2017
Lee Ark Boon
What do you think is driving the growing infrastructure gaps throughout emerging and developing economies in Asia?

Economic Update | Indonesia looks to build on recent tourism growth

23 Oct 2017
Indonesia tourism
A more diverse product offering and a broadening of the destination base are at the centre of a new campaign to attract investment to Indonesia’s rapidly growing tourism sector.