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Economic Update | Jordan looks ahead to renewable options

25 Sep 2015
Jordan renewables
Plans are under way to significantly boost Jordan’s energy independence over the coming years with a range of renewable power projects, including the largest solar power plant in the region.Plans are...

Economic Update | Jordan lays out economic vision

26 Aug 2015
Jordan econ
The final draft of a new economic programme, targeted for the end of August, will set a new path for socio-economic development in Jordan, as part of a wider ten-year blueprint launched in May. 

Economic Update | Competition heating up in Jordan for 4G services

28 Jul 2015
Jordan ICT
With a 4G licence recently awarded in Jordan and mobile operators rapidly rolling out new networks and services, increased competition is likely to boost connection and download speeds for consumers...

Economic Update | Jordan moves to lay new tracks

25 Jun 2015
Jordan train
The arrival of the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipment from Qatar at Aqaba Port last month signalled a major step forward for Jordan’s energy sector, while also putting the country’s plans for...

Economic Update | Light at the end of tunnel for Jordan's subsidy cuts

25 May 2015
jordan subsidy
Jordan’s decision in 2012 to begin a phased withdrawal of electricity subsidies was undoubtedly a good one from the point of view of the kingdom’s public finances. 

Economic Update | Jordan’s tourism industry feels impact of regional volatility

27 Apr 2015
jordan tourism
A concerted drive is under way in Jordan to reinvigorate the important tourism sector that has been curtailed by regional instability.