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Economic Update | Jordan looks to reinvigorate trading with a new exchange

23 Sep 2016
Jordan cap mkts
The Jordanian authorities have launched a new over-the-counter (OTC) exchange as part of a series of initiatives to boost the competitiveness of the kingdom’s capital markets.

Economic Update | Jordan’s exports to Europe set to increase

22 Aug 2016
Jordan trade
The number of Jordanian exports to the European market is expected to rise following a newly inked deal with the EU that relaxes the rules of origin stipulations.

Economic Update | Jordan pushes for cashless transaction

22 Jul 2016
Jordan fintech
Several innovations in Jordan’s banking sector over the past two years have helped facilitate an increase in cashless transactions, including mobile payment services for bills, peer-to-peer lending...

Economic Update | Jordan pushes ahead on renewables

21 Jun 2016
Jordan energy
The expansion of Jordan’s renewable energy segment has seen a marked acceleration in recent years, with nearly 1000 MW of solar and wind projects currently being implemented.

Economic Update | Facilitating access to finance for Jordan’s SMEs

19 May 2016
Jordan SME
Jordan is intensifying efforts to provide support for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by easing access to financing. 

Economic Update | Jordan’s aviation sector reaching new heights

21 Apr 2016
Jordan aviation
Increasing capacity in Jordan’s aviation sector could hold the key to growing the tourism sector and improving inter-regional connectivity over the next five years.