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Economic Update | Turkey: Gearing up to face challenges

24 Jul 2013
Despite an improved performance so far in 2013, Turkey’s automotive sector is expected to continue to face hurdles over the coming years. The economies in some of its main export markets are...

Economic Update | Turkey: EU-US trade pact could hit exporters

5 Jul 2013
Government officials are becoming increasingly concerned that Turkish exporters could face stiffer competition in their biggest markets due to a looming free trade agreement (FTA) between the EU and...

Economic Update | Turkey: Gearing up for competition

14 Jun 2013
Turkey is planning to polish its credentials as an international transportation hub by building one of the world’s largest airports in Istanbul, a facility that is intended to serve the growing...

Economic Update | Turkey: Weathering the storm

7 Jun 2013
Turkey's deputy prime minister Ali Babacan recently spoke with OBG on the country's economic performance and 2023 development objectives.

Economic Update | Turkey: More derivatives on the way

3 Jun 2013
With the launch of a new stock exchange, Borsa Istanbul, Turkey has taken one more step towards achieving its goal of becoming a regional financial centre.

Economic Update | Turkey: Potential peace dividend for industry

22 May 2013
The Turkish government is hoping talks aimed at ending the long-running conflict with Kurdish separatists will bring not only peace to the east and south-east of the country but also a wave of...