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Economic Update | Turkey Year in Review 2015

26 Jan 2016
Turkey YER
The Turkish economy remained relatively resilient in 2015, despite continued weakness among leading trade partners, instability along and within its borders, and a rising tide of Syrian refugees.

Economic Update | Turkey’s electoral results show uptick in confidence

21 Nov 2015
Turkey econ
The return to single-party government and a commitment to fast track economic reforms have boosted investor confidence in Turkey, though rising inflation and low growth rates could hamper the...

Economic Update | Turkey’s banks remain resilient

16 Sep 2015
Turkey bank
With double-digit increases in profits and assets reported mid-year, Turkey’s banking sector remains relatively unscathed amidst ongoing political uncertainty, renewed security threats and a slowing...

Economic Update | Turkey poised for action in energy race

24 Jul 2015
turkey energy
Ground is set to be broken in late summer on a $10bn pipeline that will carry Azeri natural gas to Turkey and on to Europe, as energy security remains a key issue in the region. 

Economic Update | Turkey’s tourism sector hit by drop in arrivals

26 Jun 2015
Turkey tourism
The tourism industry in Turkey could see stormy weather this summer with a sharp slowdown in arrivals from Russia and some European countries, combined with a weaker domestic market due to the...

Economic Update | Turkey set for ship-breaking boost

29 May 2015
Turkey ship
Proposed changes to European Commission (EC) regulations governing the scrapping of ships look set to give Turkey’s ship-breaking and metal-processing industries a significant boost by shutting out...