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Economic Update | Bahrain’s economy on the rebound

28 Aug 2016
Bahrain economy
A continued flow of investments in infrastructure looks set to maintain Bahrain’s upward trajectory in the second half of this year, with non-hydrocarbons sectors helping to drive the country’s...

Economic Update | Tourism and job growth drive Bahrain’s retail sector expansion

21 Jul 2016
Bahrain retail
A rising number of tourists combined with steady job growth is driving demand in Bahrain’s retail sector and spurring the development of a number of new retail centres.

Economic Update | Bahrain moves to strengthen ICT services

23 Jun 2016
Bahrain ICT
Providing countrywide high-speed internet service is the overarching aim of Bahrain’s latest master plan for the kingdom’s ICT industry.

Economic Update | Bahrain to bolster quality of higher education

24 May 2016
Bahrain education
In a bid to turn the kingdom into a knowledge-based economy, the British Accreditation Council (BAC) is rolling out Bahrain’s national university accreditation system following the completion of the...

Economic Update | Bahrain steps up connectivity drive

21 Apr 2016
Bahrain transport
An expanded bus network and a new light rail project are set to improve traffic conditions in Bahrain, while a planned second causeway to the Arabian peninsula should help ease regional freight...

Economic Update | Investor sentiment in Bahrain remains buoyant

21 Mar 2016
Bahrain CM
Early indicators suggest that investor sentiment in Bahrain has been largely unaffected by a recent credit rating downgrade from Standard & Poor’s (S&P).