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Chapter | Industry from The Report: Dubai 2016

With a long-standing status as one of Dubai’s key economic contributors, activity in the industrial sector has been a major contributor to non-oil GDP for the emirate. Even as Dubai’s government has invested heavily in areas such as ICT in recent years, industrial activity has remained a central component of the emirate’s long-term economic diversification plan. While some figures from 2015...

The emirate of Dubai, by virtue of being less generously endowed with hydrocarbons than its regional neighbours, has worked hard over the past several decades to develop a wider, more diversified economic bedrock to power growth. As a result the emirate has several sectors whose growth is not wholly contingent on hydrocarbons revenues, and which continue to prosper in the current environment.

Electric vehicles may be set to become a more familiar sight on the streets of Dubai. The emirate has one of the world’s highest car ownership ratios and the authorities are expanding the infrastructure for battery-run cars and introducing new incentives to encourage people to switch to more environmentally-friendly options.

How can Dubai ensure that its maritime industry remains attractive to foreign investors?

The automotive sector in Dubai has seen some spectacular growth in recent times, with a recent and widespread economic recovery and the new mood of consumer optimism driving domestic demand.

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) subsector has come in for special focus in recent times, with Dubai seeking to reduce its bills for imported food and beverages (F&B), while also growing its own business and employment opportunities – and by doing so, also tackling growing concerns about food security.