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What types of additional investment in IT infrastructure will be required to address the rapidly rising demand for mobile data bandwidth?

In what ways can telecoms companies in the UAE cooperate with the ICT sector to better leverage their consumer information and data assets?

In recent years, the e-commerce industry in the MENA region has begun to take off. Dubai has been a leader in this field, with online trading a major potential contributor to the emirate’s IT industry, as well as to the overall economy. As e-commerce companies begin to flourish in the region, they hope to capture a bigger slice of the MENA retail market, worth $9bn in...

With more than 100 initiatives and 1000 government services involved, the Dubai Smart City (DSC) project is the most ambitious ICT programme that has ever been launched in the emirate. Set to be rolled out over a three-year period, the DSC aims to complete the “third phase” of Dubai’s development, propelling it to be a leading global smart city.

Chapter | Telecoms & IT from The Report: Dubai 2015

The emirate continues to benefit from well-developed telecommunications infrastructure with high penetration rates for both mobile and fixed-line services and a local population that is highly concentrated, tech-savvy, and global in both composition and outlook. With saturation rates reached in the local market, telecoms players are looking overseas for growth opportunities. The e-commerce...

In many respects 2014 marked the transition from strong recovery to promising growth for Dubai. With many exciting projects in the pipeline, not least the hosting of Expo 2020, the emirate is continuing to build on its reputation as a dynamic and international centre for business.