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The emirate of Dubai, by virtue of being less generously endowed with hydrocarbons than its regional neighbours, has worked hard over the past several decades to develop a wider, more diversified economic bedrock to power growth. As a result the emirate has several sectors whose growth is not wholly contingent on hydrocarbons revenues, and which continue to prosper in the current environment.

A solid regulatory base, strong government support and rising demand from a young population are fuelling Dubai’s efforts to foster technology-driven entrepreneurship.

A raft of innovation-oriented projects worth some Dh300bn ($81.7bn), along with new legislation on government data sharing, is gaining pace in Dubai.

Demand for IT services in Dubai is set to soar over the coming decade, underpinned by strong demand for both software and hardware products. 

The emirate benefits from well-developed telecommunications infrastructure, with high penetration rates for both mobile and fixed-line services. These are delivered over a technically advanced network that is further enhanced by the emirate’s Dubai Smart City initiative (see IT overview). The local population is also highly concentrated, tech-savvy and global in both...

The year 2014 saw the launch of the Dubai Smart City (DSC) initiative – in many ways the culmination of more than a decade of ICT development in the emirate. Dubai has been able to successfully make this latest move thanks to its firm foundation of welldeveloped infrastructure. The emirate has also been diligently working to encourage IT start-...