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With growth in the trade, aviation and real estate industries, what can be done to meet the resultant increases in domestic energy demand?

Buoyed by surging demand driven by rapid economic and demographic growth, the energy sector in Dubai is witnessing a period of significant transformation.

What can be done to establish a larger presence for cleaner energy technologies in Dubai?

Annual growth of up to 5% in energy demand has been projected by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) through 2030, reflecting the pace of industrial and economic growth in Dubai. To meet this increased demand, production capacity, transmission and distribution networks have all been expanded. The priority given to energy efficiency...

With 70% of electricity use in Dubai’s buildings committed to cooling, developing efficiencies in this market segment is a main focus of the emirate’s demand side management (DSM) strategy.

Chapter | Energy from The Report: Dubai 2014

The hydrocarbons sector accounts for about 80% of all government revenues in the UAE. However, the sector’s GDP share varies substantially, from over 50% in Abu Dhabi to less than 6% in Dubai. Given its modest hydrocarbons endowment, Dubai continues to import most of its energy feedstock. The emirate is working to diversify its energy mix on both the supply and demand side. With 70% of...