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The UAE is one of the UK’s most important international partners, and we are proud of our friendship. Like the UK, the UAE has a rich cultural heritage, and we are delighted that its leaders are setting the UAE on an impressive course of innovation and openness.


One of the principal pillars of Abu Dhabi’s much-envied economic stability – and an important factor in the IMF’s reassuring statement, made in 2015, that the UAE has financial assets that are capable of sustaining it for more than 20 years – is its principal sovereign wealth fund (SWF).


What are your objectives in adopting the national Higher Policy for Science, Technology and Innovation in the UAE?


Abu Dhabi is home to a rapidly diversifying economy that is among the largest in the region, with GDP reaching a total of Dh952.68bn ($259.32bn) at current prices in 2014, according to the “Statistical Yearbook Abu Dhabi 2015”.


One of the most important issues currently facing the Middle East is the changing composition of its demographic structure. A massive cohort of young people – known as a youth bulge – is challenging policy makers, with youth policy affecting security, education, the labour market and welfare programmes, among other areas. Given the relative...

Chapter | The Guide from The Report: Abu Dhabi 2016

The Guide contains listings of some of the leading hotels and resorts in Abu Dhabi as well as contacts for important government offices and services. It also contains useful tips and information for first-time or regular and business and leisure visitors alike.