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How do you see the balance of sectors in the economy changing as Abu Dhabi diversifies?


The tax system is one of the key pillars to have supported the UAE’s economic growth over recent decades. The federal government applies no corporate, personal, capital gains, value-added or withholding taxes, while emirate-level tax legislation introduced in the 1960s has never been implemented.


How does Abu Dhabi’s position between the financial hubs of Europe and Asia affect the allocation of funds, capital and credit across regions?


Given the stubbornly low oil prices of 2015, with no sign of a significant recovery in the short term, the run-up to the publication of the UAE’s current federal budget saw much speculation as to how the government might pare back state spending. For some, the reduction of subsidies earlier in 2015 set a new tone with regard to budgetary...


How is the current era of lower oil prices framing Mubadala’s strategic direction, and how has it impacted investment strategy?


As the Middle East’s second-biggest oil producer, the UAE has seen much attention directed to it over the past year regarding the effect of subdued oil prices on the economy. The emirate of Abu Dhabi is a key player in the response to this challenge. As home to the nation’s capital it hosts many institutions that oversee the UAE’s social and...