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Continued investment, particularly in retail and real estate, aims to drive footfall through a variety of new developments on Abu Dhabi’s Al Maryah Island.

Articles & Analysis | Page 33 from The Report: Abu Dhabi 2016


Having put revenues from hydrocarbons towards the diversification of its economy, the emirate is in a good position to weather the storms of tumbling oil prices. As part of its Economic Vision 2030, sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, logistics, health, education, financial services, aerospace and telecoms have been highlighted as the...


How do you see the balance of sectors in the economy changing as Abu Dhabi diversifies?


The tax system is one of the key pillars to have supported the UAE’s economic growth over recent decades. The federal government applies no corporate, personal, capital gains, value-added or withholding taxes, while emirate-level tax legislation introduced in the 1960s has never been implemented.


How does Abu Dhabi’s position between the financial hubs of Europe and Asia affect the allocation of funds, capital and credit across regions?