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Chapter | Security, Aerospace & Defence from The Report: Abu Dhabi 2017

The security, aerospace and defence sectors have risen to become an important component of Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification strategy, with activities gaining momentum in recent years. In the aerospace segment, 2016 saw major contracts for new original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance, repair and overhaul projects signed, which should support the emirate’s ongoing...

Chapter | Economy from The Report: Abu Dhabi 2017

Economies around the Gulf region have faced a challenging economic environment since the second half of 2014, but a more optimistic outlook for international oil prices in 2017 has offered some welcome relief. The process of fiscal reform that the oil price decline precipitated is, however, set to continue. The restructuring of Abu Dhabi’s public finances has taken into account the federal...

Chapter | Profile from The Report: Abu Dhabi 2017

With substantial financial buffers and hydrocarbons reserves that are among the world’s largest, Abu Dhabi has increased its political and economic influence in recent years, both regionally and globally. From renewable energy to health care and aviation, a rapidly diversifying economy means that the emirate is well placed to weather the prolonged period of reduced oil prices that continues to...

While reduced oil prices are undoubtedly a concern for the emirate’s authorities, economic diversification efforts of recent years mean Abu Dhabi is well placed to weather a prolonged period of subdued prices. Vision 2030 meanwhile contains a raft of goals that will further reduce the emirate’s reliance on hydrocarbons, and continue to foster the emergence of a more sustainable and knowledge-based economy in the years ahead.

The top economic and business highlights from Abu Dhabi in the third and fourth quarters of 2016.

Buoyed by ongoing diversification efforts, a recently released five-year plan for 2016-20 and large-scale restructuring of state-owned entities, Abu Dhabi has weathered economic headwinds and fared better than many of its peers, while also facing a second consecutive year of lower hydrocarbons income.