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Chapter | The Guide from The Report: Abu Dhabi 2017

The guide contains listings of some of the leading hotels and resorts in Abu Dhabi and contacts for important government offices and services. It also contains useful tips and information for first-time or regular and business and leisure visitors alike.

While reduced oil prices are undoubtedly a concern for the emirate’s authorities, economic diversification efforts of recent years mean Abu Dhabi is well placed to weather a prolonged period of subdued prices. Vision 2030 meanwhile contains a raft of goals that will further reduce the emirate’s reliance on hydrocarbons, and continue to foster the emergence of a more sustainable and knowledge-based economy in the years ahead.

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Higher energy returns are expected to have led Abu Dhabi’s return to growth in 2018, with expectations of further expansion in 2019 as the government rolls out an extensive stimulus programme

How have local companies adjusted their business strategies to weather the ongoing economic climate?

Abu Dhabi has moved ahead with plans to bolster the emirate’s non-oil economy following the launch of a Dh50bn ($13.6bn) programme aimed at fast-tracking economic growth and social development.

An expected increase in oil prices, combined with sustained growth in the non-oil sector, should drive economic expansion in Abu Dhabi in 2018, allowing the economy to rebound from a relatively flat performance in the previous 12 months.


To what extent is digitisation improving the provision of health care services in the UAE?


ETIQUETTE & DRESS: Emiratis attach great importance to hospitality. Long greetings before a meeting, either business or social, are important. In Abu Dhabi it is common to give handshakes in business settings, but it is advisable not to shake a woman’s hand unless she initiates the gesture....