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Turkey’s industrial sector includes a wide variety of manufacturers, primary producers and traders, responsible between them for a sizeable share of the country’s GDP. Steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electrical and electronic equipment, building materials, cars, jewellery and clothing are all major export earners and magnets for international investors. All have benefitted from – and,...

Despite some recent turbulence, Turkey has strong fundamentals that underscore its potential for long-term economic growth. With a young population of 77.7m, a strategic location within four hours’ flying time of 1.5bn consumers and a diversified economy, the country has much to offer investors. 

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Consumer sentiment in Turkey is weakening as the pace of economic growth slows and consumers tighten their purse strings, potentially slowing the retail sector’s stellar performance in recent years. Turkish retail has been one of the most appealing sectors for investors and consumers thanks to a rapidly expanding economy and a surge in per capita disposable income.


What is the strategic importance of developing the Turkish aerospace and defence industries?

While Turkey’s metals industry may not be globally renowned, its products are a major export and source of revenue. Indeed, a “Made in Turkey” stamp can now be found on everything from the copper wires in NASA spacecraft to the steel pots and pans in many of the world’s kitchens. The sector faces some important challenges, however, in its future development. Sourcing raw...

Turkey’s industry includes a wide variety of manufacturers, primary producers and traders, responsible between them for a major share of the country’s GDP. Indeed, in 2014, exports by the entire automotive industry (including components) alone reached $22.27bn – more than the entire GDP of Iceland.

Turkey is one of the world’s top gold and jewellery exporters, sending manufactured pieces and fine precious metals and stones to many regional countries as well as further afield. The country imports a great deal of these valuable commodities and products, while its domestic market is a robust one – for both the buying and selling of gold, diamonds and jewellery. There is a...


What do you believe are the primary factors driving growth in the Turkish petrochemicals industry?