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Tunisia has extensive experience in phosphate mining and fertiliser production, as the country’s first mines opened in the late 19th century. Tunisia relies on substantial reserves of phosphate rock, which is estimated at 900m tonnes and regulated by the National Office of Mines. As its stands, phosphate accounts for 2% of Tunisia’s GDP and...

Chapter | Industry & Retail from The Report: Tunisia 2017

Since the 1970s Tunisia has opted for an economic model geared toward exports and industrialisation, sustained by the implementation of investor-friendly legislation, as well as supportive public investment in infrastructure and human capital. The approach has been successful for decades, with manufacturing forming the basis of GDP growth over the last 40 years. However, manufacturing...

The past two years have seen the Tunisian economy follow a gentle upward trajectory – one that falls short of the pace of expansion needed to reduce poverty and improve the revenue base, but that nonetheless exhibits a marked improvement over previous years.

Dopé par des volumes d’investissement en hausse, le secteur industriel tunisien prend de l’élan, essentiellement mû par la production de pièces détachées pour des entreprises internationales de construction automobile et aéronautique.


What sort of potential is there for increasing phosphate production in Tunisia?


What can be done to improve the competitiveness of the Tunisian industrial sector?