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How will the geopolitical rise of larger economies such as China and India shape the development of smaller Asian economies?


What factors are most important when undertaking successful public-private partnerships (PPPs)?


The energy sector has made noteworthy progress in a number of respects in recent years. Despite political turbulence in Sri Lanka, key strategic measures were enacted in 2018 to encourage growth, including increasing renewable energy generation capacity; opening the hydrocarbons sector to greater overseas investment; and forming joint working...


What can the Least Cost Long-Term Generation Expansion Plan (LCLTGEP) do to improve energy independence and balance public and private spending?


How can low-income economies in Asia attract private investment while providing affordable tariffs?


In pursuit of greater energy security, Sri Lankan policymakers have signed three major liquefied natural gas (LNG) deals with the governments of China, India and Japan. Expected to add 1400 MW to installed capacity, the transnational agreements will play a key role in mitigating unreliability in hydropower supply while bolstering foreign...