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Chapter | Media & Advertising from The Report: South Africa 2012

South African media is a vibrant, developed and thriving industry. Radio is the country’s most accessible media, with 88.1% reach among the adult population, and television reaches some 83.9%. Print media captures a smaller portion of the population, with an estimated 64.9% of the population accessing newspapers and/or magazines. The sector shares many of the challenges currently experienced by...

South Africa lies on the southern tip of Africa, occupying 1.22m sq km with some 2800 km of coastline along the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The so-called “Rainbow Nation” has a population of around 50.5m and is a melting pot of ethnicities, cultures and languages that reflect its rich and tumultuous history.

South Africa’s print media is going through some difficult times, with a number of titles struggling with declining circulation, lower revenue and the looming possibility of stricter regulation. However, the sector does continue to hold encouraging potential for growth, particularly for weekly print outlets.