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In a push to diversify its economy, Saudi Arabia is determined to increase the role of the private sector in the development of its transport infrastructure, as well as in the operation of seaports, airports and related supply chains. Public-private partnerships (PPP) are being pursued to fund several key schemes, while a number of the country’s...

Which projects are likely to improve the competitiveness of Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure?

2017 proved a momentous year for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the various strategies related to the country’s Vision 2030 and National Transformation Plan 2020 started to take shape.

The government is stepping up investment in transport infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, fast-tracking key projects and creating new opportunities for service providers.  


Despite lower government spending, transport infrastructure projects are set to continue in the Kingdom, with increasing opportunities for private sector involvement, whether through privatisation, private contracts or public-private partnerships (PPPs).

In recent years Saudi Arabia has been on a drive to grow its network of ports, as part of what has become a period of transformation for the Kingdom’s port infrastructure. One of the main targets under the national development strategy, Vision 2030, is to replace oil exports with other, mainly petrochemicals, exports, requiring a substantial increase of seaport and logistical...