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These are crucial times for Saudi Arabia’s power and water sectors as both move through a process of major reform. Privatisation is at a more advanced stage in water than in power, but the next few years should see substantial change in both markets, providing significant opportunities for investors.


What challenges does the efficiency and reliability of Saudi’s desalination network face?


What role will renewable energy play in Saudi Arabia’s energy mix in the near future?


One consequence of Saudi Arabia’s strong economic and population growth in recent years has been a major surge in construction, with new neighbourhoods, industrial estates, office complexes, hotels and hospitals all going up around the Kingdom.

The first foreign visit of US President Donald Trump’s term saw business leaders from Saudi Arabia and the US signing nearly $400bn worth of agreements and deals. These commercial agreements were designed to foster mutual benefits and investments in both countries. King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud met President Trump just over a year after the...


How will the gradual phase-out of electricity subsidies affect electricity consumption patterns?