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How can mobile operators reduce the burden on the mobile wireless broadband networks created by high data consumers?


How is the satellite industry overcoming the limitations of the standard frequencies of bands to accommodate increasing demand?


Telecommunications companies in Saudi Arabia are continuing to invest in new generations of technology that will enhance the user experience for mobile broadband customers. Both Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) and Zain have partnered with China’s Huawei to introduce systems that have produced network throughput speeds of 1 Gbps. As 4G...

Chapter | ICT from The Report: Saudi Arabia 2016

Saudi Arabia is the biggest ICT market in the Middle East, with annual sector spending expected to reach about SR140bn ($37.3bn) by 2017. At a time of shrinking oil revenues, the government has identified ICT as a key driver of smart, cost-effective solutions for government and commerce alike, and as a major pillar of the Kingdom’s long-term development strategy, Vision 2030. However, there...

2016 witnessed the launch of the Kingdom’s historic Vision 2030 and the accompanying National Transformation Programme, both of which call for a major overhaul of the state’s economic apparatus and envision a more open market framework and more dynamic, private sector-led growth moving ahead.

Cybersecurity has come to the fore in the Kingdom after a recent spate of breaches, underscoring the need for greater investment in protective measures and skills development to help thwart hackers.