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Over the past decade the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) has benefitted from a near-continuous series of reforms, and according to the government, additional improvements are expected to deepen the bourse considerably in the coming years.


Is the current economic environment in the Gulf impacting the way private equity is managed?


Do you expect infrastructure financing to continue playing a key part in local financing in 2016?


Given that the QCB’s current strategy for developing the state’s financial services industry ends in 2016, what are the new strategy’s objectives?


How concerned are you that bank lending in the country could be impacted in 2016 given the current state of the economy? SEETHARAMAN: Lending is an overall function of economic momentum in the country. If the state is going to score 4.3% growth, then I would expect overall lending in the industry to expand by 7-8%. With regards to...


After half a decade of strong growth, Qatar’s banking sector is well positioned to weather regional economic volatility in 2016. As of the end of the first half of 2015 the country was home to the third-largest banking industry in the GCC, boasting total assets of $293bn. The sector consists of 18 institutions, including six domestic...