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What is the scope for Qatari banks to further expand their footprints overseas?


Tightening liquidity conditions and a squeeze on profit growth proved to be the hallmarks for Qatar’s banking sector in 2016, as financial institutions across the Gulf were forced to respond to the effects of weak oil prices on the local economy. Despite tougher operating conditions, however, the sector remains resilient, with strong...


How have lower oil prices and budget cuts put pressure on deposits and credit availability?


How is the banking sector responding to low levels of domestic deposits? 

Chapter | Insurance from The Report: Qatar 2017

For several years the insurance sector has undergone major regulatory changes, as the industry positions itself in alignment with international best practices. The sector has been expanding considerably in recent years, often with double-digit growth. Furthermore, penetration rates are still relatively low, meaning there is plenty of room for new products, services and customers. However,...

Chapter | Islamic Financial Services from The Report: Qatar 2017

It was more challenging operating environment for the Islamic financial services (IFS) sector in 2016, as the continuing effects of low oil prices fed into the domestic economy, leading to a sizeable decline in government deposits and a tightening of liquid¬ity. Nonetheless, asset growth continued, and as oil prices began to pick up towards the end of the year and into 2017, liquidity...