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Myanmar today is a country undergoing rapid change, and there is a solid determination among its people and leaders alike to help their country establish an important place at the global political and economic table.

Growing brand awareness, combined with investments in infrastructure, will drive development in Myanmar’s tourism industry this year and beyond, with record high inbound traffic forecast for 2016. 


Where does investment need to be focused to ensure the sustainable development of Myanmar’s tourism industry in the coming years?


As little as five years ago, Yangon was a dark and crumbling city, the roads largely quiet apart from the occasional decrepit taxi. Now the streets of Myanmar’s biggest city are filled with second-hand Japanese saloons, mostly used as taxis, and the sky punctuated by cranes adding high-rise buildings. Despite rapid development, and unlike...


How will the ITC’s Inclusive Tourism project enhance the tourism sector in Kayah State?


Hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists have visited Myanmar since relations with the West thawed and the country began to open up to the outside world in 2010. While some are eager to experience the South-east Asian nation’s rich culture and heritage, others are simply curious to see the once isolated country before it changes forever. At...