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Chapter | Industry & Retail from The Report: Myanmar 2019

Myanmar’s manufacturing sector reached a turning point in 2018 as liberalisation, tax reforms, infrastructure improvements and the development of special economic zones helped turn the country from a low-cost regional production base to a rising manufacturing destination with capacity on the rise. The sector has an advantage due to the country’s relatively low operating costs, favourable...

Although Myanmar has been faced with internal conflict, a new long-term economic agenda, alongside rising oil and gas prices and considerable growth in some manufacturing segments, are set to encourage increased foreign direct investment inflows into the country.

How do you foresee foreign direct investment (FDI) being affected in FY 2018/19 due to US-China tensions and the global trading environment?

Officials in Myanmar are encouraging proposals for new mining developments following a series of new reforms aimed at incentivising investment in the segment.


What are the main challenges for the growth prospects of the beverage industry?


How is the government addressing the main challenges to industrial development?