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The rollout of 4G services combined with rising incomes in a data-hungry nation is set to drive growth in Myanmar’s telecoms sector for the foreseeable future. After two years of international operators entering the market, data consumption has surpassed neighbouring countries and continues to accelerate, fuelled by affordable smartphones....

Chapter | Telecoms & IT from The Report: Myanmar 2017

The expansion of Myanmar’s telecoms market continues to live up to its early promise, with the reform of the industry viewed as the biggest economic success since the military ceded power in 2011. The dramatic surge in network coverage has empowered local businesses and provided remote villages with the opportunity to connect to the outside world. The country’s IT segment continues to attract...

Myanmar today is a country undergoing rapid change, and there is a solid determination among its people and leaders alike to help their country establish an important place at the global political and economic table.

Competition in Myanmar’s telecoms industry is on the rise, with a new player set to enter the market as early as next year.


What made Myanmar an attractive destination, and what challenges have you encountered?


How has the government worked to develop and advance the capacity and quality of the telecommunications sector?