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How would you describe the evolution of the power tendering process in Myanmar?


Although Myanmar’s installed generation capacity is 5 GW, actual generation capacity sits between 2.9-3.1 GW. With the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MoEE) predicting that daily demand will increase by another 1.5 GW over the next few years, the authorities are looking at avenues to boost production levels. The World Bank expects demand...

Chapter | Energy from The Report: Myanmar 2020

In addition to being crucial to economic activity, Myanmar’s energy and power sector continues to be one of the main drivers of foreign investment as the country looks to develop its national electricity grid. As of October 2019 the value of foreign direct investment approved by the government in the energy sector for that year stood at $43.6bn, representing just over half of total FDI. As...

Foreign companies are showing interest in Myanmar’s geostrategic location, abundant natural resources and youthful population. A focus on following international best business practices and reducing the informal economy, paired with an annual GDP growth forecast at around 6% in the coming years, is setting Myanmar on a path to catch up with some regional peers.


How important are deepwater projects, and how can break-even costs be reduced?


How is the government planning to reform subsidies to make energy supply more economically feasible?