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In February 2014 Mongolia’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism – now the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism (MEGDT) – introduced a new tourism slogan: “Mongolia, Nomadic by Nature”. The tourism tagline was commissioned by the government and developed by CNN’s Tourism Advertising Solutions and Knowledge Group in preparation for Mongolia’s turn as...

Over the past decade or so the agriculture sector – one of Mongolia’s oldest industries – has remained integral to the country’s long-term development strategy, even as mining, telecoms and some other relatively new sectors have grown rapidly.


What can Mongolia do to make more effective use of its sizeable livestock population?


What changes would the private sector like to see in terms of the business environment?


How has the beverage industry performed in 2014 compared to the previous year?

Holding up during difficult times and helping to take the edge off the commodity cycle, industry in Mongolia has contributed significantly to the economy. While resource prices have been dropping and related economic activity and foreign direct investment are not at expected levels, manufacturing and processing have been growing, with industrial production up almost 15% in...