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Chapter | The Guide from The Report: Mongolia 2015

This chapter contains useful facts for visitors, a list of suggested hotels, as well as phone numbers for important contacts, including ministries, foreign missions and airlines. It also contains features pieces on Mongolian fine artist, G. Zanzabar, and the country’s unique tourism opportunities in its rural expanses.

Chapter | Legal Framework from The Report: Mongolia 2015

This chapter outlines the Mongolian legal environment, focusing on changes that include a new Investment Law, Petroleum Law and an amendment to the Minerals Law that is expected to boost FDI. It also contains a viewpoint from David Beckstead, Foreign Legal Consultant at Lehman, Lee & Xu.

Chapter | Tax from The Report: Mongolia 2015

This chapter outlines the tax environment in Mongolia, focusing on the new investment law, account regulations, corporate income taxation and other subjects. It also contains a viewpoint from D. Onchinsuren, Country Managing Partner, Deloitte Onch LLC.

Chapter | Tourism from The Report: Mongolia 2015

The tourism industry has taken on an increasingly central role in Mongolia in recent years. In 2013 the country saw more than 415,000 incoming visitors and reported market turnover of $263m, which represented about 4% of GDP at the end of the year. These moves are in line with the government’s ambitious short-term and medium-term objectives, which include increasing international arrivals to...

Chapter | Agriculture from The Report: Mongolia 2015

Over the past decade or so the agriculture sector – one of Mongolia’s oldest industries – has remained integral to the country’s long-term development strategy. Until just a few years ago the majority of Mongolia’s population was involved in herding or farming in one way or another, and as recently as 2011 more than 30% of the country’s workforce was employed in agriculture. While this figure...

Chapter | Industry & Retail from The Report: Mongolia 2015

Holding up during difficult times and helping to take the edge off the commodity cycle, industry in Mongolia has contributed significantly to the economy. While resource prices have been dropping and related economic activity and foreign direct investment are not at expected levels, manufacturing and processing have been growing, with industrial production up almost 15% in 2013, providing a...