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Backed by international support, Mongolia is rolling out advanced ICT programmes to support the provision of government services, improving accountability and access to data. 

The current drive in Mongolia to promote growth and foreign investment appears likely to yield results, as a key breakthrough in a long-running dispute over the expansion of a mine will help act as a stimulus for a 10-year, $1bn sovereign issue in the coming months.

An improving investment climate, supported by a raft of transport infrastructure upgrades, should help to boost Mongolia’s tourism sector this year, with the upper end of the market set to enjoy above-average growth.

A shift by Chinese buyers away from foreign suppliers to Mongolian coking coal, combined with increased optimism over a return of foreign investors, may offset the sharp global downturn in both demand for commodities and in coal prices, though it will be some time before the effects of any rebound are felt in the industry.


Recording steady expansion, the Mongolian insurance sector’s prospects are good despite the difficulties faced more generally in the economy. Premiums hit MNT93.9bn ($56.3m) in 2013, up from MNT79bn ($47.4m) in 2012 and MNT6.32bn ($3.8m) in 2003, according to the Financial Regulatory Commission (FRC). Other sector indicators, such as premiums...


How has compulsory insurance increased awareness of products amongst the general population? What more can be done to raise awareness?