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Chapter | Automotive & Aerospace from The Report: Mexico 2018

While renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Alliance (NAFTA) have led to an environment of uncertainty for Mexican industry, the automotive sector remains solid and on track for further development driven by rising vehicle production, local sales and export demand. Mexico is home to 24 carmakers, with manufacturing facilities in 24 states, producing cars, light and heavy trucks and...

Chapter | Industry & Mining from The Report: Mexico 2018

Performance in Mexican industry is heavily dependent on the particular segment in question and its current economic position. The automotive and aeronautics manufacturing sectors, concentrated mostly in the Bajío region of Mexico in the states of Querétaro and Guanajuato, are driving demand for inputs like light-weight polymers, while strong growth in agro-industry across different regions of...

Chapter | Entrepreneurship + R&D from The Report: Mexico 2018

While renewed interest in promoting research and development has meant Mexico is performing well on global indices, lower budgets in 2017 and 2018 mean the government will be looking to continue incentivising private investment, while encouraging universities to maintain their work to advance the sector. While Mexico has a strong background in innovation, fostering new research and auctioning...

Driven by an ongoing process of economic opening since the 1990s, Mexico has established a solid macroeconomic base. Structural reforms have improved the country’s trade flows, helped to soften the impact of a gradual slowdown in hydrocarbons production and exports, and enabled manufacturing-led economic diversification and regional integration.

El fuerte interés de los inversionistas ha llevado a las autoridades de México a acelerar el desarrollo de polos industriales en las nuevas zonas económicas especiales (ZEE), en las ciudades portuarias del sur, con el objetivo de facilitar el crecimiento fuera de los centros industriales tradicionales del país.

Se espera que el lanzamiento de una nueva planta de 14 mil millones de pesos mexicanos (755.6 millones de dólares) ubicada en el corredor industrial del Altiplano de México, beneficie significativamente el desarrollo de la región.